The biggest challenge while operating in Somalia is the safe transport of personnel, goods, and heavy equipment in Somalia. The environmental challenges in terms of security environment and infrastructure can paralyze any business that operates in the country. Nationwide’s Transport Team not only understands but also excels at operating in the transport industry in Somalia. The company has decades of experience in operating in the country using local personnel who understand the road network, security challenges and tribal challenges. This ensures safe transport of goods and personnel throughout Somalia.

Apart from providing internal road transport services, the company also engages in air and sea transport. Simply put, Nationwide is a multi-modal transportation services provider. The company’s employees are experienced in planning for complex transportation projects involving cross-docking, 20 or 40 feet vehicles, etc always working towards optimal utilization of vehicles/personnel to suit the environment and associated budget.

Services offered include:

Vehichles available for rent:

  • Road Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Cross-Docking Operations
  • Secure Transportation of Personnel
  • Customs Clearance
  • Shipping Agents
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Caterpillar
  • Cranes (Max 80 tons)
  • Fork Lifts
  • Bulldozer