Security Services

Operating in a country experiencing one of the toughest security situations in the world requires a significant investment in security. It is precisely why Nationwide has as a part of its business portfolio a Security Services division that not only provides end-to-end security to support the company’s operations but also provide services to external clients when necessary. The company’s security services portfolio includes services provided by highly trained locals which is supplemented by international security service companies. Services provided include but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Close Personal Security
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Armed Static Site Security
  • Mobile Convoy Security Convoy Protection
  • Specialist Security Training
  • Security Management

Hart Nationwide

Nationwide has a Joint Venture with Hart International called “Hart Nationwide” which provides a range of security services to individuals and businesses operating in Somalia. Hart International is an internationally recognized risk management company that delivers innovative, integrated solutions within the land, sea and air environments. The two companies are working together to leverage Nationwide’s experience in providing security services in Somalia and Hart’s international experience.

The joint venture is focused on providing an international standard of security services to businesses and organizations working in the country.