Nationwide Enterprises has extensive experience in sourcing, transporting, storing and supplying high quality fuel to commercial and retail clients, in Somalia. The company offers full turn-key solutions having established fuel facilities in Somalia and also managing the supply chain of fuel through high conflict/remote areas in the country. We have worked through tough conditions, endured conflict and experienced heavy losses but pride ourselves in the fact that we have always delivered to our clients. We are currently involved in the supply & distribution of diesel and aviation fuel to the United Nations, under fuel contracts for Somalia.

Over the years, the company has procured and supplied over 100 mn liters of diesel and aviation fuel (Jet A1), which makes us one of the largest energy solutions provider in Somalia.


The company has built fuel storage facilities from the ground up procuring fuel tanks, bags, and pipeline systems from international suppliers to meet the high standards of the fuel industry. Bulk Fuel installations in Mogadishu and Baidoa have been setup by the company and used to supply local and international clients.

Procurement, Supply & Distribution

The company has the capability to procure a range of petroleum products that include diesel, Jet A1, bitumen, etc from suppliers across the globe. Although, it primarily sources its fuel products from the Middle East owing to geographical proximity. The company has experience offloading fuel tankers at Mogadishu Port and arranging for the storage and supply of the same.


Our ability to provide clients with fuel at the required specification is at the core of our capabilities in the Fuels segment. We have a fuel laboratory on ground in Somalia which monitors the quality of fuel delivered at the port, storage facilities and to the point of delivery to the client.

Types of Fuel

Aviation Fuel

Nationwide is by far one of the largest suppliers of Aviation Fuel in the country. The company procured and supplied over 10 mn liters of aviation fuel (Jet A1), in 2013. United Nations, Juba Airlines, African Express, Turkish Airlines are some of the international customers that the company provides fuel for either directly or through its Channel Partners. Nationwide Enterprises is licensed to provide into-plane refueling services throughout Somalia.

Diesel and Mogas

As of 2013, Nationwide procured over 50 mn liters of diesel which has been consumed both by retail customers and international agencies. The company operates multiple fuel storage sites from where diesel is supplied to clients across the country.