About Us

Nationwide Enterprise is a leading provider of support services for businesses/organizations in Somalia. Established in 2005 the company has come a long way having started with providing security services, real estate, and accommodation services. Nationwide now offers Fuel Supply, Construction, Transportation, Logistics, Hospitality and Security Services to local and international organizations operating in Somalia.

The company's workforce and management is recruited locally and supplemented by international expertise that provides guidance and training for operational execution. It specializes in executing complex projects in highly sensitive regions/areas of operation. Nationwide is currently focused on working with the Somalian Federal Government to increase the opportunities for growth for the people of Somalia and the country as a whole.


Nationwide Enterprise is focused on creating an environment that leads to the economic development of Somalia.


We will provide the necessary infrastructure and associated services required for organizations and businesses operating in Somalia.

Our Values

Nationwide holds dear the following principles while operating

  • Community – giving back to the local community is a part of the company's business model
  • Respect – we respect people, property and the environment that we operate in
  • Excellence – striving to provide our clients and employees with exceptional solutions relative to the market condition
  • Trust – the quality of our 'trust' relationship enables us to serve our employees, clients and business partners well